Our Home Transformation

We fell in love with Joshua Tree after exploring the National Park years ago. Once our jobs allowed us the freedom to work remotely, we knew we wanted to move closer to home (San Diego) but thought it might be fun to go somewhere truly remote.

The small town of Joshua Tree is incredibly unique with artists and kind hearted locals. Every time we stayed it was always so peaceful. We enjoyed the open space, killer sunsets and the black bean burgers from Natural Sisters. Fast forward and we closed on a beautiful home with tall ceilings, natural light and an open backyard with views of Joshua Trees.


Over the next year and a half we made the home our own with custom wood countertops, local art, and refurbished furniture along with new pieces. We’ve also been given the space to reflect, journal, and make art that city life wasn’t so conducive to. Not to mention we’ve been getting the best sleep since we’ve moved.

Nothing compares to living in the thick of nature. Full moons light up the desert and when there’s a new moon it’s perfect for stargazing from the jacuzzi. Daily hikes through cholla and Joshua Trees are right in our backyard. Quails, ground squirrels (our favorite), jackrabbits, roadrunners, and sometimes coyotes pass through.

Our home now reflects that desert and it’s natural whimsical bohemian charm.

If you happen to stay with us, we hope that you love it just as much as we do.

~Mashell + Sabas